A foolish and desperate attempt to meet BTS

 3 school girls move out of their houses with extremely childish and foolish dream to meet their k-pop stars. 

BTS and their global
fan craze:

BTS, or Bangtan
Sonye Ondan, is a globally renowned South Korean boy band that has achieved
unprecedented success and a massive fan following. Comprising seven members –
RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook –

 BTS a cultural phenomenon – BTS has become a
cultural phenomenon transcending borders with their dynamic music, energetic
performances, and socially relevant lyrics.

The group’s immense
popularity, often referred to as the “BTS Army,” is characterized by
an unparalleled fan craze. Fans, known as “ARMY,” are incredibly
dedicated and passionate, engaging in social media trends, streaming records,
and participating in various fan projects.

BTS’s influence extends
beyond music, with the group actively advocating for positive societal change,
mental health awareness, and self-love.

 Today in this article we are going to
discuss the actual
demonstration of desperation and extreme passion of this fandom culture through an incident when
schoolgirls fled out of their home with a stupid dream to meet their 

 3 schoolgirls aged 13
move out of their houses to meet BTS:

Being a fan of someone
is not a bad thing
every one of us today specially the youth are the part of
 what they call fandom – and the huge craze of
BTS fandom is not
hidden, the problem arises when affection towards love stars
increase at such a level which ultimately harm the fans themselves.

 Such an incident happened when three 13-year-old schoolgirls from a
quiet village in
Karur district, driven
by their passion for the popular Korean pop band BTS, embarked on an unexpected
journey to Seoul, South Korea, hoping to meet their idols.



Foolishness and extreme passion: they moved out Without passports and
with limited funds, the girls decided to travel
from Visakhapatnam to Seoul by ship
. They left their homes on January 4,
took a train to Chennai, and planned to board a ship without passports.
parents, worried when they didn’t return, filed a complaint, prompting a
statewide search. Despite having only ₹14,000, the girls believed they could
make it.


After facing difficulties in
Chennai, they eventually boarded a train back home, missing it briefly during a
stop at Katpadi railway station. Authorities intervened, placing them in a
state-run facility in Vellore, where counseling sessions were held for the
girls and their parents.


The incident highlighted the importance of education and parental
emphasizing that chasing dreams should be accompanied by practical
considerations. The girls, inspired by BTS, were encouraged to focus on studies
while their parents were advised to monitor and support them. After counseling,
the girls returned home with their parents on January 6.