Covid is rising again: 774 new cases in India


Covid is rising again: 774 new cases in India

The whole world have gone from a huge epidemic few
years back the proplw around the worlds have witnesses losing their love ones
due covid- it was a time which no one want to experience again but unfortunately…

the last 24 hours, India has recorded two deaths due to COVID-19, with one each
reported in Tamil Nadu and Gujarat
, according to
the latest data from the Union health ministry as of 8 am. The country has
also witnessed a single-day increase of 774 new COVID-19
cases, bringing
the total number of active cases to 4,187. Notably, the daily case count
had remained in double digits until December 5. However, it started to rise
again, possibly influenced by cold weather conditions and the emergence of a
new COVID-19 variant known as JN.1.
Following December 5, the highest
single-day surge occurred on December 31, 2023, with 841 cases reported,
amounting to 0.2% of the peak cases observed in May 2021, according to official


Out of the 4,187 active COVID-19 cases in India, the majority, accounting for
over 92%, are currently undergoing recovery through home isolation, as per
official sources. The data available at present indicates that the JN.1 variant
is not causing a significant increase in new cases, hospitalizations, or
mortality rates. India has experienced three waves of the COVID-19 pandemic,
with the Delta variant causing the highest daily cases and deaths during
April-June 2021.





The peak during this period saw 4,14,188
cases and 3,915 deaths reported on May 7, 2021. Since the beginning of the
pandemic in early 2020, the country has recorded over 4.5 crore infections and
more than 5.3 lakh deaths. On a positive note, over 4.4 crore individuals have
successfully recovered from the disease, contributing to a national recovery
rate of 98.81%, according to the health ministry’s website. According to the
website, 220.67 crore doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered so far
in the country.