Delhi Farmers Protest: Latest Updates and Developments

Delhi Farmers Protest: Latest Updates and Developments

The ongoing farmers’ protest in India, particularly in Delhi, continues to draw attention as farmers gear up for another significant march to the capital state Delhi. Here are the latest updates and developments surrounding the protest:

Ban on Protests in Delhi:

  • Delhi Police has imposed Section 144 across the national capital till March 12, prohibiting any processions, demonstrations, rallies, or marches.
  • This move comes ahead of the ‘Dilli Chalo’ march planned by more than 200 farmers’ unions from Punjab.

Security Measures in Chandigarh:

  • Chandigarh administration deploys 1,200 police personnel and installs barricades at entry and exit points to prevent farmers’ march towards Delhi.
  • Villages with farmer communities in Chandigarh are closely monitored to maintain order.

Support for ‘Delhi Chalo’ Call:

  • Bharti Kisan Union-Doaba announces support for the farmers’ ‘Delhi Chalo’ march scheduled for February 13.
  • Despite some unions staying away from the call, support remains strong from various farmer groups.

Obstacles Faced by Farmers from Karnataka:

  • Approximately 100 farmers from Karnataka en route to Delhi were halted at Bhopal by state police.
  • Farmers’ organization expresses discontent over the obstruction, highlighting contradictions in government actions.

Appeal for Release of Detained Farmers:

  • Farmers’ leader Jagjit Singh Dallewal seeks the release of detained farmers from Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka.
  • Calls for a positive atmosphere for dialogue between farmers and the government.

Traffic Advisory and Security Concerns:

  • Delhi Police issues a traffic advisory due to the planned protest, informing commuters about vehicle movement restrictions.
  • AAP Delhi convener criticizes intense security measures, urges the Centre to engage in dialogue with farmers.

Union Ministers to Hold Talks:

  • A team of Union ministers will engage in talks with farmer leaders amid preparations for the march.
  • Heightened security measures observed in Haryana to prevent farmers from reaching Delhi.

Conclusion: The farmers’ protest in Delhi remains a significant issue, with ongoing developments indicating both challenges and efforts towards resolution. As farmers continue to demand their rights and the government responds with security measures and dialogue, the situation remains dynamic, requiring careful observation and attention. Stay tuned for further updates on this evolving issue.