Indian Navy ship INS Sumitra rescued 19 Pakistanis in an anti-piracy operation.

 * Indian Navy ship INS Sumitra Foils Attempt to hijack Iranian Fishing vessel.

. Background on INS Sumitra:

INS Sumitra is a Saryu-class patrol vessel of the Indian Navy. It was commissioned in 2014 and is primarily tasked with maritime security operations, including anti-piracy missions in the Indian Ocean region. The ship is equipped with modern surveillance and communication systems, making it well-suited for such operations.

. The Anti-Piracy Operation:

In the second successful intervention neutralizing a hijack situation within 36 hours, Indian Navy’s offshore patrol vessel INS Sumitra, deployed in the Gulf of Aden, rescued Iranian-flagged Fishing Vessel Al Naeemi and her Crew of 19 Pakistani nationals from 11 Somali Pirates off the East Coast of Somalia on January 29. Both the incidents occurred in the Southern Arabian Sea approximately 850 nm West of Kochi.

In this specific instance, INS Sumitra was involved in an anti-piracy operation in the Gulf of Aden, a region known for piracy activities. During the operation, the Indian Navy ship encountered a dhow (a traditional sailing vessel) that was adrift at sea. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the dhow was carrying 19 Pakistani nationals who had been stranded at sea for several days due to engine failure.

. Rescue Mission:

Recognizing the humanitarian aspect of the situation, INS Sumitra promptly provided assistance to the stranded individuals. The Indian Navy crew facilitated the safe boarding of the Pakistani nationals onto their ship and provided them with necessary medical aid, food, and water. The rescued individuals were then safely transported to a nearby port where they could receive further assistance and support.

. International Cooperation:

This rescue operation highlights the significance of international cooperation and humanitarian efforts, transcending geopolitical tensions. Despite the historical complexities between India and Pakistan, the Indian Navy’s swift and compassionate response exemplifies a commitment to upholding maritime security and assisting those in distress at sea.

. Boosting maritime security

This successful rescue operation involved the prompt efforts of the deployed Indian Navy warship in the Southern Arabian Sea, approximately 850 nautical miles west of Kochi.
Highlighting the importance of the mission, the Navy said that such rescues also thwart the potential misuse of fishing vessels as “Mother Ships” for subsequent acts of piracy on merchant vessels.
The attacks come amid a spate of strikes on merchant vessels in the Red Sea by Yemen-based Houthi rebels, a broader effect of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war in Gaza. The Houthis have extended their support to the Palestinians in the war and been at loggerheads with the United States and the United Kingdom over the disruption of international maritime trade.
The Indian Navy’s proactive involvement in anti-piracy operations reflects its commitment to maintaining peace and security in international waters, as well as its willingness to assist individuals in distress regardless of their nationality.

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These sources were instrumental in providing comprehensive and factual information about the rescue operation conducted by INS Sumitra in the Gulf of Aden.

. Conclusion: The successful rescue mission conducted by INS Sumitra underscores the Indian Navy’s dedication to safeguarding maritime interests and promoting safety at sea, irrespective of nationality or origin.