Maldives’ Shift: Balancing Act Between India and China

PM Modi Lakshadweep visit and Boycott Maldives  Campaign:

Before understanding the current dynamics of Maldives relation with India and china lets recall our memory with # Boycott Maldives Campaign .Recently PM Narendra Modi visited Lakshadweep  also shared picture his picture on social media sitting on the beach he interacted with locals and submerged in the beauty of magnificent views of Lakshadweep – His emphasise during the tour was about booming the tourism sector. Insist the people to come and visit Lakshadweep when move for a tour.  What happened Afterwards we all  know about how Maldives reacted to Modi’s emphasis on visiting Lakshadweep . Maldivian minister posted insulting remarks used derogatory words targeting India and PM Modi.


The following were the derogatory comments:

  • Former deputy speaker of island nation Eva Abdulla on Sunday passed the comment saying- “shameful and racist”
  • The minister, in his now deleted post, called PM Modi a ‘clown’ and and ‘puppet’ over his recent Lakshadweep visit. Former Maldivian president Mohamed Nasheed condemned Shiuna’s comments, emphasizing the importance of maintaining diplomatic decorum and respect between nations.

How the Indian can sit after receiving such comments against their PM and as a result people of India began  #BoycottMaldives on social media platforms .

The Maldivian MP appealed the Indian people to end #BoycottMaldives social media campaign after a row began when many Indian people cancelled their planned holidays to Maldives and several people including Bollywood stars began to pitch Lakshadweep as an alternative tourist destination.

The ex-speaker apologized to India and requested Indians to end the boycott campaign against Maldives.

In a talk with NDTV Ms. Abdulla said it is understandable that Indians are angry and the comments are outrageous indeed. However the comment are not the reflection of opinion of Maldivian people. I would like to apologies personally to Indians – she said. They want to maintain cordial relations with India.

Maldives’ Shift: Balancing Act Between India and China

Coming to the main topic of our today’s discussion is regarding Maldives Take on India China balancing. The recent decisions made by the Maldives government have sparked concerns among opposition parties regarding the country’s stance towards India and China. The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and the Democrats have cautioned against an “anti-India stance,” emphasizing the potential negative impact on the nation’s development.

Background of the Issue:

President Mohamed Muizzu’s victory in the 2023 elections marked a departure from previous leaders’ pro-India policies, as he contributed in spreading an anti-India narrative In Maldives. There have also been the posters with slogan like “India Out”. This shift raising questions about the country’s growing affinity towards China.

Opposition Parties’ Concerns:

Both the MDP and the Democrats believe that isolating India, the Maldives’ longstanding ally, could hinder the country’s long-term development. They emphasize the importance of working with all development partners, including India, for stability and security in the Indian Ocean Region.

Key Points from the Opposition’s Perspective:

  • Stability and security in the Indian Ocean are crucial for the Maldives’ well-being.
  • Alienating India could have adverse effects on the nation’s development.
  • The government should maintain its traditional approach of collaborating with all development partners.
  • The opposition parties collectively hold a significant number of seats in the Maldivian parliament, highlighting their influence on national policies.

Recent Developments:

  • The Maldives’ decision to allow a Chinese survey ship to dock at one of its ports raised eyebrows, indicating a shift towards closer ties with China.
  • The country’s diplomatic row with India, coupled with President Muizzu’s state visit to China, underscores a notable change in foreign policy direction.
  • While the Maldives asserts that it welcomes vessels from friendly countries for peaceful purposes, this move is perceived as a pivot away from India towards Beijing.

Will India Remain ally of Maldives after having closer ties with China?

Maldives here clearly working on its national interest by improving relations with India after what happens in Maldives Boycott Campaign but simultaneously they also warmly accepting the helping hand from China. Will India continue to be Maldives ally that depends on how Maldives will treat knowing the fact India and China relation are not in very good terms the territorial and military disputes between India China is visible to the world and everyone knows China is constantly forming policies that threats India Eg: India claim over Arunachal Pradesh, String pearl policies or China’s Belt and Road initiative etc. If Maldives will prioritize China over India’s interest in future the following countries may have. Maldives  should remember how India helped Maldives in past weather it is about providing aid or sending helicopters India always proves to be its long standing ally.


The evolving dynamics between the Maldives, India, and China highlight the delicate balance the island nation must maintain. As geopolitical tensions persist in the Indian Ocean Region, the Maldives faces the challenge of navigating its foreign policy to ensure its own security and development while managing its relationships with key regional players. The statements from opposition parties underscore the need for careful consideration and strategic decision-making in this evolving landscape.