A Success Story: A man who cracked AIIMS exam at the age of 16 became IAS officer at the age of 22 and also became a successful businessman.


A Success
Story: A man who cracked AIIMS exam at the age of 16 became IAS officer at the
age of 22 and also became a successful businessman.

In today’s modern education system, it is too tough
for students to crack competitive exams because of cutthroat competition it
takes years and years of preparation and various attempts. Students spend their
whole life in cracking one exam in hope that one day they will be able to
achieve their dreams.

What if I say that there is a man who have cracked
two of the toughest exams at the very young age. Yes! Out of all competitive
exam the medical exam and civil service examination are the toughest ones.  but one the one side where students spend
whole of their life in various attempts there is a person who cracked both the
exam at unbelievably young age.

“This Miracle Boy” is
Roman Saini
cleared prestigious
AIIMS exam admission test when he was just 16 years old and not only this but
also cracked world’s
toughest exam UPSC became IAS officer at the age of 22.

Roman Saini assigns as
district collector of Madhya Pradesh.

Unacademy is an
Indian online 
education technology company
that provides educational content and services, such as live classes, online
courses, and educational videos, across various subjects and competitive exams.
You must be thinking why I shifted my attention from Roman Saini to
Un academy it is because the
mind behind establishing building this 26000-crore worth company is none other
then Roman Saini.
He quit his job as
IAS officer at 22 and started his entrepreneurial journey at this young
age, Truly Truly it’s the height of the

Roman Saini, widely recognized as one of India’s brightest minds, has
left an indelible mark with his brainchild, Unacademy. Before venturing into
the world of entrepreneurship, Roman demonstrated his academic prowess by clearing
the challenging AIIMS admissions test at the young age of 16. Subsequently, he
achieved another milestone by cracking the UPSC exam,
securing an IAS officer
position in Madhya Pradesh at the remarkable age of 22.

Driven by a desire to
explore new horizons, Roman, along with Gaurav
and Hemesh Singh, embarked
on an entrepreneurial journey. In 2015, they collectively founded Sorting Hat
Technologies, the parent organization of Unacademy, as a testament to their
commitment to educational innovation. This move marked a significant transition
from Roman’s distinguished career as a district collector in Madhya Pradesh to
a trailblazing entrepreneur shaping the landscape of online education in India.

Unacademy, with its distinctive approach, aids numerous IAS
aspirants in preparing for UPSC exams through its YouTube platform. The
innovative concept of Unacademy provides students with an affordable avenue for
UPSC coaching, eliminating financial barriers.

In terms of their 2022
salaries, Gaurav Munjal, serving as the CEO of Unacademy, earned a substantial
Rs. 1.58 crore. Hemesh Singh received a pay of Rs. 1.19 crore, and Roman Saini
was compensated with Rs. 88 lakhs for their roles within the organization.