Earthquake in Japan Live Updates: people trapped under broken houses and death toll is rising; rescue team struggle to help people.

Earthquake in Japan Live Updates:
people trapped under broken houses and death toll is rising; rescue team struggle to help people.

The happiness and enthusiasm of New Year was all over the world, people were
celebrating, having get together, parties but we never know what is going to
happen next on Jan 1, 2024, suddenly Japan faced a violent and abrupt
shaking of the ground and they hit by a devastating earthquake of magnitude
7.6. Almost 33,000 household are without power in the region, they suffered
from freezing overnights and as per local energy provider many cities are
without water.

Japan Earthquake Live Updates:
prediction of meteorological Agency

The worst part is this life-threatening situation is that it is yet not
completely ended, as per the live update the meteorological Agency of Japan
predicted the possibility of another earthquake next week. Japan Meteorological Agency said there is 10%
to 20% chances that an earthquake of
equivalent intensity could occur in next week. They urged the resident to exercise caution
when they are indulging in sea bases activities.

Japan Earthquake Live Updates:
destruction of buildings

The Earthquake toppled large buildings, triggered a tsunami and also a
huge fire spark in the city of Wajiman. 48 people by 2nd January
confirmed dead in disaster which left a deep crack in concrete and brought down
entire wooden homes so only their tiled roofs lay on the ground.

When loved ones gather to enjoy New Year in the world people in worst hit
areas of Japan urged to evacuate, they are surrounded by the dangers of
Earthquake and Tsunami Waves.

Japan Earthquake Live Updates:
Many feared trapped in freezing cold.

A powerful earthquake that hit Japan on New Year’s Day
killed at least 48 people, with rescue teams struggling in freezing
temperatures on Tuesday to reach isolated areas where many people are feared
trapped under toppled buildings. In Suzu, a coastal town of just over 5,000
households near the quake’s epicenter, 90% of houses may have been destroyed,
according to its mayor Masuhiro Izumiya.

Earthquake Live Updates: Rescue Operation

Japan Earthquake on New years day claimed six lives
reports of body retrieved from collapsed buildings highlighted the destructive
impact of the disaster japans authorities struggling to protect the people
trapped in Ishikawa including senior citizens , children’s and women. Japanese
P.M highlighted the challenge of rescuing and searching people due to block

Japan Earthquake Live Updates: Indian
Embassy in Japan offers condolences.

Japan Earthquake Live
Updates: “Deeply saddened to learn of the damage caused by the earthquake
and tsunami that occurred in Ishikawa and other nearby prefectures of Japan.
Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected. India stands in solidarity
with Japan and its people in these challenging times,” said Indian Embassy
in Japan through a post on social media platform. our country provided the
deep condolences to Japan in the situation of crisis.

Live Update 3rd January 2024: Here is
everything you need to know.

· Death toll rises to 55

· Japan Meteorological
Agency predicts possibility of another earthquake next week

· Earth quake with
intensity of upper 5 on Japan’s earthquake scale hit Ishikawa

· World leaders offer

· Japan is frightened
about tsunami warnings