Farmer Protest : Delhi Borders Choked

Farmer Protest: Ministers Rush to Meet Farmers Amidst Massive Protests, Delhi Borders Choked

The current scenario in India witnesses two significant protests unfolding simultaneously – one involving Punjab farmers and another by Uttar Pradesh farmers. Amidst escalating tensions, three Union ministers have been dispatched to Chandigarh to engage in dialogue with protesting Punjab farmers.

Union Ministers’ Meeting in Chandigarh

A delegation comprising Junior Agriculture Minister Arjun Munda, Junior Home Minister Nityanand Rai, and Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal is scheduled to meet representatives of Punjab farmers in Chandigarh. The aim is to address their demands and potentially prevent a scheduled tractor march slated for Tuesday.

Punjab Farmers’ Demands

The Punjab farmers have outlined various demands, including a legal guarantee for Minimum Support Price (MSP), pension for farmers, crop insurance, and the scrapping of police cases filed against them during the 2020 protests.

Second Protest at Delhi-Noida Border

Simultaneously, Uttar Pradesh farmers are staging a protest at the Delhi-Noida border, demanding increased compensation and developed plots in exchange for their farmlands acquired by local development authorities.

Government’s Swift Response

The Narendra Modi government is swift in addressing the Punjab protest to prevent its escalation. This action underscores the government’s determination to avoid a recurrence of the violent protests witnessed in 2020 against the farm laws.

Security Measures and Traffic Disruptions

Paramilitary forces and riot control vehicles have been deployed at the Delhi-Noida border to contain the protest, leading to traffic disruptions. Police have banned large gatherings and issued a traffic advisory to manage the situation.

Tensions at Border Points

Scuffles between farmers and police have been reported at the Chilla border point, with barricades erected and vehicles being checked before entering Delhi. Security measures are also heightened along the Delhi-Haryana borders.

Precautionary Measures

Authorities are taking precautionary measures to prevent the situation from escalating, including sealing border points and issuing notices to farmers not to join protests.


As tensions mount and protests intensify, the government’s response and the outcome of negotiations with farmers will significantly influence the trajectory of the protests and their impact on public order and governance.