Mamta the lone fighter: her Decision to Go Alone in Bengal for Lok Sabha

Mamata Banerjee’s Solo Flight: TMC’s Decision to Go Alone in Bengal for Lok Sabha Polls

In a significant development, Trinamool Congress (TMC)  Mamata Banerjee announced that her party will be contesting the upcoming Lok Sabha polls in Bengal independently, dealing a blow to the hopes of seat-sharing within the Opposition’s INDIA alliance.  and Mamta Banarjee’s conflict with INDIA Alliance detected earlier when Mamta ji and her party  did not  join  zoom meet with the INDIA Alliance. Let’s delve into the key aspects of this decision:

 TMC’s Stand on Seat-Sharing

Mamata Banerjee clarified that there have been no discussions with the Congress party regarding seat-sharing in Bengal. Asserting the party’s commitment to fighting alone in the state, she emphasized, “In Bengal, we will alone defeat the BJP.” This statement signals a shift from collective approach being with the umbrella party INDIA Alliance to going alone in Lok Sabha polls

 INDIA Alliance Seat-Sharing Hurdles.

The INDIA allies in the state – TMC, Congress, and CPI(M) – have witnessed  obstacles in reaching a seat-sharing agreement. The TMC declined talks with the Congress’s national alliance committee, offering only two of its sitting seats to the grand old party. This move has led to a seat-sharing impasse between the parties in the state.

Rahul Gandhi’s Nyay Yatra in Bengal

While Mamata Banerjee acknowledged being a part of the INDIA alliance, she expressed surprise at not being informed about Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra passing through Bengal. This lack of communication adds to the growing tensions within the alliance.

Congress’s Response to TMC’s Offer

The TMC offered the Congress two sitting seats, Berhampore and Malda Dakshin, which the state Congress president, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, rejected. Chowdhury emphasized that the Congress had won these seats independently in 2019 and does not need “grace or generosity” from Mamata Banerjee to secure victory. TMC’s Performance in 2019 Polls.

Today on 24 january in afternoon congress minister Jairam Ramesh saidMamta Banerjee is an integral part of INDIA Alliance we cannot imagine the party without her. she is a great and famous national leader whose presence in party is prominent.

In the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, the TMC secured 22 seats out of the total 42 in West Bengal, outperforming the BJP, which won 18 seats. The CPI(M)-led Left Front failed to secure any seats. Mamata Banerjee’s decision to go solo reflects the party’s confidence in its ability to contest and win seats independently.

As the political landscape in West Bengal evolves, the decision by the TMC to go it alone in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls adds a new dimension to the complex dynamics within the Opposition’s INDIA alliance. The unfolding scenario will undoubtedly influence the political narrative in the state in the run-up to the elections.