A mother killed her son: Suchana Seths’s (CEO of AI company Bengaluru) son dead postmortem report disclose ugly truths…


Goa murder case of a 4-year-old kid:

 Dr Kumar Naik, who
conducted the post-mortem, said the child was killed more than 36 hours
earlier. Suchana Seth has been arrested.

four-year-old son of Suchana Seth, the chief executive officer (CEO) of an
artificial intelligence start-up company in Bengaluru, was smothered to death,
said Dr Kumar Naik, who conducted the post-mortem. Suchana Seth, the CEO of The
Mindful AI Lab, was arrested from Chitra Durga in Karnataka on Monday night for
allegedly killing her son at a service apartment in Goa during a vacation last


After death: The woman was arrested for carrying the
body of the boy, which was found in a suitcase, as directed by the Goa Police.
According to Dr. Kumar Naik, the administrative officer at Hiryur Taluk
Hospital in Chitra Durga, the child, who was about four years old, was strangled
to death, possibly with a cloth or pillow, as there were no signs of marks from
hands. Dr. Naik mentioned that the absence of rigor mortis, the stiffening of
muscles after death, indicated that more than 36 hours had passed since the
child’s demise. He further stated that there were no indications of blood loss
or struggle marks on the child’s body.



After investigation: Naik, however,
indicated that the precise timing couldn’t be determined, yet 36 hours had
elapsed since the unfortunate demise.

In the ongoing
investigation in Goa, a senior police official asserted that the child had been
smothered, potentially with a pillow from the service apartment, as reported by
The Indian Express.

The official stated,
“No murder weapon was found at the scene. Allegedly, she attempted to end
her own life by cutting her wrists with a pair of scissors. Blood samples have
been collected, and a DNA test will be conducted for verification,”


The case is hard to believe not only
because the murder was committed by a mother but also because the women is
highly educated and extremely brilliant with years of experience in data
science – how can someone commit such a crime when he/she lives a successful
life. let’s know the details about this murder case in this article.

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Suchana Seth:

serves as the CEO of ‘The
Mindful AI Lab.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she is recognized as an AI ethics expert and
data scientist, boasting over 12 years of experience in guiding data science
teams and implementing machine learning solutions in both startup environments
and industry research labs.

Acknowledged as one of the
“100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics,”
Seth has held notable positions,
including being a Mozilla Fellow at Data & Society, a Fellow at the Berkman
Klein Centre at Harvard University, and a research fellow at the Raman Research
Institute. Her profile also notes her contributions to natural language
processing withheld patents.

Specializing in ‘AI Ethics
Advisory & Audits’
and ‘Responsible AI Strategy,’ Seth completed her postgraduate
studies at the University of Calcutta and pursued research fellowship at Raman
Research Institute (RRI). She spent two years at the Berkman Klein Center for
Internet & Society at Harvard University.

Originally from West Bengal,
Seth currently resides in Bengaluru.
Her husband, Venkat Raman, is from
. While media reports suggest their marriage took place in 2010 and
they welcomed a son in 2019, disputes arose, leading to their divorce filing in

Return of Venkat Raman (Suchana’s husband):  Amidst the tragedy, Suchana Seth’s husband, Venkat Raman, returned to India from
Jakarta upon learning about their child’s murder. He arrived in
Chitra Durga,
Karnataka, consenting to local authorities for a post-mortem examination on his
son’s body.


Suchana arrested:
 After spending a few days at a
hotel, the CEO took a taxi to Bengaluru on the morning of January 8th. When the
hotel staff went to clean the room, she had stayed in, they noticed bloodstains
on a towel.

The hotel staff immediately contacted the
Goa Police and informed them that she had a very heavy bag, and her child was
not with her.
Goa Police then reached out to their counterparts in Chitra Durga. Upon
checking Seth’s bag, they discovered the child’s body.
She was arrested in
Chitra Durga and later taken to Goa, where a court decided to keep her in police
custody for six days.