Breaking Barriers: Delhi Police’s Historic All-Women Contingent for Republic Day Parade 2024

First-ever all-women

In a groundbreaking move, the Delhi Police is
set to mark Republic Day 2024 with the deployment of its first-ever all-women
marching contingent, showcasing a significant stride towards gender inclusivity
and empowerment. Led by IPS officer Shweta K Sugathan, this 144-member
contingent is poised to make history on January 26.

Spearheading the all-women marching contingent
is IPS officer Shweta K Sugathan, a trailblazer in her own right. This marks
Sugathan’s second consecutive year leading the Delhi Police’s marching
contingent, following in the footsteps of Kiran Bedi, who achieved this
milestone in 1975.


All-Women Pipe Band

Adding to the historical significance, the Delhi
Police will debut an all-women pipe band at this year’s Republic Day parade.
Kenze will lead the 85-member strong pipe band, creating
an impactful visual representation of women breaking stereotypes in
traditionally male-dominated domains.

Excitement Among Participants:

The participants, pioneers in their own regard,
express their excitement about being part of this historic event. Special
Commissioner of Police (Armed Police) Robin Hibu emphasizes the enthusiasm
within the contingent, highlighting their pride in becoming the first-ever
all-women marching contingent in India’s Republic Day parade.

Reflecting on Last
Year’s Achievement:

 IPS officer Shweta K Sugathan reflects on the pride
she felt leading the Delhi Police’s marching contingent last year, almost four
decades after Kiran Bedi’s historic moment. Sugathan’s acceptance of
leading the all-women marching contingent further underscores the significance
of this moment for gender equality and representation.

Legacy of Delhi Police’s
Marching Contingent:

The Delhi Police’s marching contingent has an
illustrious history, having participated in every Republic Day parade since the
country’s inception as a republic in 1950. The contingent has been recognized
as the best marching unit on 15 occasions, solidifying its legacy of

As the nation gears up to celebrate its 73rd
Republic Day, the inclusion of the all-women marching contingent and pipe band
by the Delhi Police stands as a symbol of progress, breaking gender norms, and
inspiring generations to come. This historic moment is a testament to the
evolving landscape of inclusivity and recognition of women’s contributions in
every sphere of society.

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